Recent Work

Some neat stuff I did the past few years, starting with the freshest

Label Insight

I'm a Front End Engineer on the product verification team, where the users are presented a grid view of their respective products in different states of the workflow. The workflow process is an individual product that is ready to have its data verified, in progress of verification, verified but needs data fields to be resolved and finally, verified and published.

Before being assigned to the product verification tool, I primarily led the HTML & CSS refactor of the redesign of the Label Insight app and built clickable prototypes of the product verification tool as it matured from an idea that needs to be validated to a full fledged product that could be sold to customers.

Cleo Communications

As a Front End Developer for the Unify & Trust product, I worked under the direction of the User Experience director and alongside with a visual designer to build the layout of the application and alongside other developers to build the interactive functionality of it. I occasionally served as a designer to adjust content as needed or the interactivity of a feature to account for various states that an app can have to the user (loading, success, failure, input required).

Unify is an Enterprise File Sharing & Syncing app with drag 'n drop and browser push notification of uploads features. Trust is a communication app that combines the worst features of e-mail & chat into one and best described as a solution seeking a problem. May both these products RIP.